Molly McGuire worked in New York City for the past 3 1/2 years. While there, she specialized in Bridal hair and makeup. She worked in an established salon located in alphabet city. Mastering the art of Dry Cutting and creating healthy dimensional colors.

“Living and working in NYC was an eye opening experience… to say the least. Haha! Having no expectations, and just going along for the ride. I wanted to soak up all the salon techniques. Long days on shoots, productions, and taking in the wonders of the city. The journey was hard, but necessary. I’m more educated in my craft. I know for a fact I can deal with anything thrown at me, and thrive! I’ve worked in any environment you can think of… From a 100sq. ft. apartment in the heart of city. To a barn in upstate NY, where I showed up for job with NO electricity and had to wing it…. Oh, and nailed it!! But then it’s all worth it when a bride gets married on the beaches in long island. If it’s your dream to move to the big city, then DO IT!! I’m a better stylist and human because of it.”

Molly was born, and raised where everything  is bigger. (Including the hair) You guessed it... Texas! After graduating from cosmetology school, she quickly  moved to Oklahoma, and began her mission. She grew a wonderful clientele, and strengthened her skills. She has 9 years of experience in all things beautyyyyy .


“Texas to Oklahoma. Oklahoma to New York. Wow! Now I’m back in Oklahoma, and I’m picking up where I left off. Bridal, cuts, colors, extensions, and more! But not to worry… If you love my work that much. I’ll come to you! Traveling stylist at your service.!!”


“My hobbies are walking the city streets, riding my bike,  live music, podcast, TRUE CRIME!! Baking, dance parties, and hanging with friends and family.... Not sure if thats a hobby, but I love it!..... Oh, and also Netflix.”